Muaythai Coach for Hire, Self Help Workshops & Business Consultant


Rachel Joyner

Chief Instructor/Kru/Director

Training History/CV:

I have been studying the science of Muaythai for over 18 years over which time I have developed a first class understanding of the art and how to tailor your abilities to help make you the best Thaiboxer you can be.

I run a very traditional club and I am very strict regarding who I enter into competition. I am not solely focused onto fighters in fact fighters make up only around 2% of all Redkite members. All my students receive equal treatment and nobody has more value than anyone else. Everyone's goals are my goals, whether those goals are to get in shape, learn to defend yourself, coaching, weight loss or even just to make new friends and gain confidence. Each students target is as important as the next.

For competitors, the right attitude is as important as the right skill set but where this is proven I'll go all out to help you achieve success. Though we don't have many competitive fighters at Redkite at any given time, those that have fought for our gym over the years have been given the best opportunities available. I know all the right people to get the right people on the right events. But don't think this will come easy or there's a right of passage. Competitive Muaythai is a lifestyle that you'll hardly be able to comprehend until you try it. ;-)

I value highly the importance of nurturing our young Redkiters. As well as developing quality safeguarding policies and procedures, I'm constantly looking to improve the children's learning experiences. We are currently developing a Parent Portal App so we can improve communication with parents and set out clear targets for the children.

Though my gym has grown consistently since opening when I started out with 2 classes a week and 5 students, I never rest on my laurels and am always looking to improve the opportunities available to my students and coaches. I take my role and your training very seriously but in saying that, I'm also 'a bit silly'. It's a really fun, no ego's allowed training environment at Redkite and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Chief Coaches:

Jeff Bullock from Elite Thaiboxing Skelmersdale (Now Elite Thai Kickboxing & MMA, Queensland, Australia)

Sandy Holt from Bolton Thaiboxing.