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My name is Rachel Joyner and I have been Thaiboxing since 2001 and coaching since 2006. The name 'Red Kite' comes from the origins of my maiden name 'Gledhill' and refers to the bird of prey.  I am a keen ornithologist as well so the name seemed fitting.


I opened The Red Kite School of Thai & Kickboxing in November 2007. I ran the gym single handedly, serving the people of Preston and surrounding areas for nearly 15 years.


In May 2021, I passed over the gym, now known as Redkite Muaythai & Combat Gym to one of my coaches. I felt that as I was getting older and more injuries were occurring, as well as having more family commitments, the gym would benefit from some fresh blood at the helm. So now my good friend and student Will Walker runs the gym, leaving me to branch out into other related areas.


I still coach at Redkite but on a much reduced level. I have the best of both worlds. I still get the pleasure of teaching people and working from the club I love but also get to move into different areas, such as Judging at shows and competitions and running workshops for example.


Though Redkite Thaiboxing and Redkite Plus are seperate entities, we very much see Redkite Plus as an extention of what Redkite has been offering for the last 15 years.


If you want to book a workshop for your school, college, place of work etc, don't hessitate to get in touch. I also offer a Muaythai Coach for Hire Service. There isn't an agency for muaythai instructors. A lot of gyms are small businesses. If you want a baby, a holiday or are sick, sometimes cover can be hard to find. I hope to be able to offer to fill that gap for the hundreds of gyms I have become aquainted with over the last 20 plus years.


Also, to come will be an eccomerce site selling a range of Fight theme T shirts and clothing and training equipment. I'm also completing the relevant processes to become a Judge on the circuit with my first show expected to be January 2022.


Redkite Plus is a new business but Rachel Joyner & Redkite have been effectively serving the community for 15 years. This is just the next step forward. Watch this space.

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